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Triumph trivially- by David Sureda

Stretch from your sepulcher and launch into legitimacy. Rent your mind and fill your heart. Strain in courage and spring forth your joy. Curb your desire and refrain from grimness. If necessary, trench the mire, abandon the moor, and march the marshes if necessary. Torch the thickets that have wronged you. Unleash your life swing, fill your sails, and return to your sway. Open your gate and release the pheasants. Do not inquire, "Should I trample the calumny in order to claim the bagatelle?" Do what is triumphant and dismiss the trivial! Yes, love boldly, rebuke the reluctance of life, and the giving way to defeat. Devote yourself to the unwavering gift of love without an ink blot of blame. Be poured into and drawn to an absolute measure. Anything less will be shamefully cautious and trivially approved.

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