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Meet Rev. Maritza Sureda

Certified Life coach and Licensed minister with the Assembly of God Fellowship

As a certificate coach and minister with the Assembly of God Fellowship, I am dedicated to partnering with women and individuals to reach their potential to live an empowered life.  Growing up I had a very distorted view of myself.  For many years, I suffered with low self-esteem which prevented me from having a clear vision of what I wanted in life. Coming from a dysfunctional family with generational issues and the only girl out of four siblings, I learned to cope with bad habits which was my way I had for self-preservation.  Once I dedicated my life to Christ, I began to understand that I had many hurts and issues that needed to be dealt with.  Through God’s awesome redemptive work, I can say that today I am a work in progressive.   We get caught up in our hurts and pain and we settle for less that He intended.  God’s plan for you is to become whole free of hang up’s, thoughts and habits that hinder your walk.  Are you ready for change?

I am passionate about walking side by side with anyone that is willing to begin a new journey. I am personally invested in partnering with anyone willing to pinpoint their next step, spiritually, emotionally, relational and professionally

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